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    thanks joffrey

    What a great message. I wish all characters were this nice. Does anyone know what this is from?

  2. riseofthejohnlock:

    Lost in thought.

    i love the gentleness of Benedict cause in these gifs hes in his Sherlock outfit but you can see he isn’t in character. it’s beautiful.

  3. You’d have to be an idiot not to see it.

  4. everythinganimeanddisney:

I am just one hell of a butler


    I am just one hell of a butler

  5. mrstarrk:

    Marvel Cinematic Universe (minus the Incredible Hulk)

  6. lendoro:



    • falling asleep on someone’s chest
    • wrapping your arms around each other
    • synching heartbeats and breathing slowly
    • falling asleep in big t-shirts and underwear
    • forehead kissies and murmured affections
    • naps


  7. Oh my god I swear I had a solid point to this when I started but now I’m just sprouting out random things, and I’m too proud of myself to not post this because this is the most thinking I have done in so long (also it’s 3am give me a break).

    Warning: Contains Kuroshitsuji II spoilers

    Okay um, basically I was reading a post about the Two Ciel and Sebastian-Mephistopheles theories and came to the Faust Wikipedia page that had the following within it:

    Faust and the adjective Faustian imply a situation in which an ambitious person surrenders moral integrity in order to achieve power and success for a delimited term.

    I’m out of my depth here anyway and it’s three in the morning, but - besides the bloody obvious - please tell me I’m not the only one who is reminded of Claude Faustus?

    Time for a ‘read more’ because I will undoubtedly ramble on.

    Read More


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    so who do I get in touch with about marrying obama’s speechwriter



    its been so long and barack hasnt returned any of my messages so…


  10. inspired by [x]

  11. dianthus-s:



    My favourite thing is that I always imagined that Sebastian is an emotionless demon who grew to care for Ciel in his way.
    But actually it turns out that there was a proper character development. And funnily Sebastian was kind of… Immature? At the beginning. Seemed easy going, joking even, but never emotionless actually, he wanted to give Ciel whatever he wanted from the beginning and I think he thought that he just needs to pamper him a bit and then he can eat his soul, nothing new to him.
    That’s why he simply felt bad for him when he saw him upset over parents’ grave and he jumped to fix whatever he could for him.
    And then slowly he realised that this is not going to be fun, that he needs to train himself and Ciel, because Ciel is not just another kid, that he does not want to get pampered, he lost the fight but he wants to win the war. He learned how Ciel wants to be treated, he is the only one that knows all his deepest secrets. He is the only one that actually knows him.
    And Ciel grew on him because he saw how he tried to mature as fast as possible and do things adults don’t dream about, and it made things even worse because he saw him in his weakest moments anyway so he knows that deep inside Ciel is still a child too. So for him Sebastian matured himself and trained himself to be perfect. Along the way they started understanding each other without words and knowing what the other wants or needs, simply how it all supposes to be.
    And at the beginning Sebastian said how he won’t stand by him because he’s a butler not family - notice how now he is by Ciel’s side every single moment.
    And then at the end of that arc Sebastian was capable of doing everything to save Ciel, genuinely seeing worried about him, and Ciel who for the first time showed actual concern too. His concern that he played the first time in the murder arc, was real this time and it looked the same. And the simple fact how he did not let people insult Sebastian and then screamed for him to get in the boat, and at the end asked him if he can do something instead of ordering him. Sebastian was surprised how at the end Ciel showed concern and did not try to hide it behind some excuse. It is like they both realised that it is pointless to pretend they don’t care about each other anymore.
    The development of their relationship is one of the best things ever.

    I love this post so much! OMG!

    Yeah, I just love this

  12. WHAT TEAM?!?


    W̶̼͓̼̱̮̳̰͕̥̠̼̥̗͆ͥ̂̏͒ͭͥ̈́̎̏̊̀́̚͘̕ Ȉ̦͚̥͖͈̬͙͙̙͕̻͉̼̏̋͂ͪͯͬ̂͌ͫͤ̿ͧͯ̍̓͟͟͢ Lͯ̊̏̑̇̈́̎̌̓͐ͯ̈́͛͆̉ͪͣͫ̍͏̺̮͓̩̕͞͡ D̶̢̧̨͎̰̦̺͍͓̩̪̱͖ͧͮ̀̑ͪͪͬ͟ C͛ͬ̒̍̃ͨ̈́͂̋̈́ͧ̏̾ͮ̐̚҉̺̣͙̤ Ą̛̀͗̒͐͋͐͆ͣ̀̚͏̠̣̮͇̞͉͎̜͙͖ T̵̗̹̜̻̻͍͓̫̐̈́ͪ̇͑̏͋́͡ S̷̫̺̻̲̠̱̦͈͙̥ͫ̾̿͌̌̄ͮ̌̅̀ͤ̒ͮ͛̿̀ͤ͛̿̀̕͞͡ͅͅ

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